Tuna Gunturkun

I am a highly experienced freelance interpreter and translator with a decade of experience in simultaneous/consecutive interpretation and document translation services from Turkish into English and vice versa. I have a vast experience in a broad range of industries, including engineering, machinery, legal, business and governmental sectors. I provide interpretation, translation and also certified translation services for diverse occasions including but not limited to technical trainings, online meetings, exhibitions, conferences, courts, press releases, sports events, intercompany meetings and study visits.

I have a deep understanding of specialized terminologies due to my background in technical trainings. I can proudly say that I provide very accurate and consistent interpretations and translations.

In addition to interpretations, I provide written translations in my specialized areas. I have all the necessary tools to ensure format consistency, correct terminology usage and quality assurance in all documents. I am familiar with almost all CAT tools in the market. However, I prefer working with MemoQ. 

I have the status of sworn translator, therefore I can provide official translations to be submitted to official agencies and governmental bodies. 

Over the years, I have also provided assistance in some European Union projects by making interpretations and translations and also transcriptions and organizations of trips. I have all the necessary knowledge and practice for preparation of visa application documents, organization of official visit programs, correspondences with the counterpart governmental bodies and also arrangement of logistics and accommodation in such trips. 

I simply provide my services by empathizing with my clients. I provide what I would like to get if I were the client. I am committed to give high-quality, accurate and professional language services to deserve what I earn. I am confident that my skills and expertise can meet the linguistic needs of any individual or organization requiring Turkish-English interpretation or translation services.

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