I provide top-quality interpretation and translation services. From Simultaneous Interpretation, Consecutive Interpretation, Liaison Interpretation, to Escort Interpretation and Document Translation, I do my best to tailor my services to fit your needs.Whether it is a high-level meeting, congress, seminar or need assistance during international negotiations or business meetings, I ensure your words and intent are communicated precisely. Not just limited to on-site services, I am well-equipped to provide remote interpretation services with professional grade equipment ensuring uninterrupted and high-quality service. Furthermore, I offer additional services like transcription and translation of documents, creating meeting minutes or summaries or even assisting with travel logistics for groups or delegations traveling for official or non-official negotiations.

I. Simultaneous Interpretation
II. Consecutive Interpretation
III. Liaison Interpretation
IV. Escort Interpretation
I provide professional and accurate simultaneous interpretations either on-site or remotely. I'm equipped with the necessary tools and software to ensure a seamless and efficient service for remote jobs. 
I create a quick and accurate communication bridge between parties when where discussions and negotiations are needed. This ensures a seamless interaction between the parties.
I can also provide interpretation and assisting with all travel needs, from flight tickets and hotel reservations to logistics and sightseeing.
V. Document Translation
VI. Sworn Translation
In document translations, I will provide a high level of accuracy and maintain the original format and of course confidentiality. I use advanced Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools to ensure quality and consistency in translations.
I am a certified translator, therefore I can provide official translations for documents to be submitted to government bodies or other official purposes.
VII. Transcription Services 
I provide accurate transcriptions of records of meetings and conferences or videos. I can do the translation of the transcribed document when necessary.​​​​​​​
VIII. Combination Services
Based on your specific needs, I can offer a combination of interpretation, transcription and document creation. I can record meetings, transcribe the content, create meeting summaries and translate documents.
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